We optimise Corporate Performance and Process Efficiency in the Financial Industry with Cognitive Computing.



The automated real-world understanding of consumers, sales force and e.g. claims scenarios by voice, text and pictures is radically improving the user experience, process flexibility and efficiency across the financial industry.

While doing so, prime- and re-insurers, banks, and professional service firms also can create unique knowledge bases, save time and bring down costs.



ExB Finance Solutions for Process Excellence

ExB enables financial corporations to streamline processing of unstructured data like never before. Our solutions are based on our self-developed world class cognitive computing platform with natural language processing tools and various machine and deep learning modules.

We are focusing on:

Re-defining Input Management

Replacing industry standard rule-based classification and text recognition with state-of-the-art machine learning systems, that gets even better over time.



Creating Knowledge Bases

Store and connect recognized input into an easily accessible knowledge base, ready to be mined for various business purposes.



Solving Normalisation

Automatically transfer/match recognized input into standardized hierarchies and structures to save laborious manual consolidation.



Next Level Question Answering

Using our proprietary graph technology to retrieve or construct the correct answer for a question to serve e.g. sophisticated voice chat bots



With our cognitive solutions, we are going far beyond classical analytics formats with tremendously lower failure ratios and enable completely new use cases.


Real-World Insights drive Operational Performance

In a world that is increasingly focused on SLAs, KPIs and ROIs, the role of customer support and customer success has never been more important to the overall performance of an organization. Customer experience has become a key differentiator in markets flooded with consumer choice.

Financial corporations gather massive amounts of data each day from a variety of channels, such as their website, live chat, mail, email, social networks, agents and customer care reps. ExB Finance can create cognitive insights out of every contact point to improve the user experience and give you a real Voice of Customer for better proposals, claims process personalization, products and price adoptions, consumer interactions or process automation.

In parallel, the process costs need to decrease to meet the internal efficiency goals. Natural Language Processing (NLP) and various Machine Learning (ML) methods from ExB are key enablers for the required advanced automation.

Interactions between support agents and customers can uncover relevant and actionable insights and trends. Many interactions are in text format by default (email, live chat, feedback forms) while voice-to-text technology can be used to convert phone conversations to text so they can be analyzed.

Established multi-channels offer a gold mine of available consumer opinion and sentiment. ExB’s solutions enable to analyse huge volumes of social chatter to help understand how people feel about specific events, products, brands, processes, and so on.

Analyzing the sentiment towards a brand can help decrease churn and improve customer support by uncovering and proactively working on improving negative trends. Speed of response is a key performance metric for many organizations and so routing customer queries to the relevant department, in as few steps as possible, can be crucial. Customer feedback containing significantly high levels of negative sentiment can be relayed to Product and Development teams to help them focus their time and efforts more accordingly.

This goes far beyond simple keyword-matching. We use sophisticated NLP/text and image analysis techniques to ‘understand’ the context and category of an input, classify it accordingly and automatically route the relevant extracted data, reducing human interaction to the highest degree.

ExB Finance Solutions are able to build such process automations based on real-world insights to improve your operational performance in speed and quality significantly.